YOU MATTER 

                                  YOU ARE IMPORTANT

For each one of you here , I want to say that you are so much more than you know, you can achieve the greatest of things, you are not just a person but a human with a purpose ,with a heart , that might be wounded, or lost but not gone. I believe in you. You are here for a reason....


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"If you are scared to fall down, you will never fly"



I remember feeling hopeless and tired of life and thinking to quit it at 21. I could not. Something stopped me. Years of abuse and seeking self-validation in the wrong places led me to the right place that changed my life years later. I remember reaching out for help and going to therapy and meeting "new people" which only made me feel worse. I started writing what I felt deep within. The pain, the anger, the guilt, the fear of not being good enough. I published the works just in case someone wanted to know it is okay not to be okay and there is nothing wrong with that. I am extremely grateful to each one of you for restoring my faith in myself by reading my work and mostly loving me for who I am and loving yourselves in the true form.




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You all first belong to yourselves before you're theirs.

Sanjana B.

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