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                       YOU ARE LOVED 

                            YOU MATTER 

                           YOU ARE IMPORTANT

For each one of you here , I want to say that you are so much more than you know, you can achieve the greatest of things, you are not just a person but a human with a purpose ,with a heart , that might be wounded, or lost but not gone. I believe in you. You are here for a reason....


About the Author

About Sanjana B.

Sanjana Basu is an indian author , a motivational speaker and her passion for writing began when she could no longer feel like herself. Depression had engulfed her and suicidal thoughts were regular.

It was doing this struggle that she  found solace in writing her thoughts. She started helping people heal through her writings.

She has a major collection of poetry and prose as well has self-published her first book titled “Drunk on Love and Tears”. A book on love, loss and finding true love. Something that she wished she had when she had no one.

Her second book is also out now and is called “Talking to the moon” in which its all about making peace with your inner demons in the form of beautiful imagery and poetry that will make you feel a connection to your inner strength.

She is currently pursuing her masters in political science and international relations .

Writing about her own experiences of abuse, neglect and hatred, Sanjana uses her words to encourage others to fly away from the cages of insecurity into the arms of healing and love.

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You all first belong to yourselves before you're theirs.

Sanjana B.

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